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For me, Adaptoids was created out of pure necessity...

...when a family member's illness brought the dire quest for natural remedies to my doorstep. With a background in soil biology and cultivation, I knew there was something many growers do to protect bottom line which doesn't protect our health. So we searched for an organic edible product to rest easy knowing our loved one wouldn't be at risk of ingesting carcinogenic fertilizers or pesticides during their recovery. At that time there were none, and still they are few.


What we did find was a vast abundance of sugary confections which are not the right vibe, simply because they contradict the need to reduce inflammation. So, we realized that these strict parameters could actually be used to develop a whole new breed of cannabis wellness product. One made with organic whole-fruits versus cheap synthetic vitamins; a package crafted with sustainability in mind via recyclable tins and compostable plant "plastic"; and finally, a mission with pure intentions addressing the root of the immunity problem: oxidative stress. 


Daily tension and stress can mean big trouble over time because it hinders the immune system's ability to fight off free radicals, eventually leading to more minor and major diseases. And with all this in mind, Adaptoids was finally born; the first dissolvable botanical tablet which addresses key vitamin deficiencies, and daily stress in one.


Adaptoids need not be chewed nor swallowed, but dissolving them on or under the tongue provides the active plant compounds a direct path to the bloodstream, and a rapid onset of homeopathic effects. In our rapidly changing environment, Adaptoids make it easier than ever to keep your mind and immune system sharp wherever you are. So from my family to yours, we wish you great health and a heart full of light.

-Nico Magalhaes, Founder


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