We've always believed that staying healthy is much easier than fixing big problems. That's why for the last 5 years, we've been busy developing convenient daily immune boosts to help optimize our body's natural resilience.






Adaptoids ™ CBD Vitamins are an advanced botanical delivery system designed to nourish the body's cells with essential vitamins, minerals, and cannabinoids derived from organic hemp and whole-fruits. 

Each powerful infusion of antioxidants protects cells from physical damage and added environmental stress. Adaptoids were created with your best self in mind and are 100% vegan, non-GMO, and THC-Free (yep, full mental clarity.)

Allowing botanical tablets to fully disintegrate on or under the tongue aids in absorption and activation of a subtle holistic + immunological response.

As the current climate suggests: use daily.







We understand change and are constantly improving. Adaptoids have gone through 33 iterations, modifying formulations, ingredients, and flavors to ensure we only put out the best dissolvable tablets on earth. 







Quality ingredients.

A point of pride in our mission is that we never use cheap synthetics and continually source the highest quality, sustainable and organic ingredients to be used in our FDA-approved labs.











In our rapidly changing world,  Adaptoids™ CBD Vitamins make it easier than ever to dial in your flow-state, and master good health.


To wholesome oneness.